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Pediatrics Core

I recently finished a large-scale editing project that I’m particularly proud of: a pediatrics textbook set.

It’s called Pediatrics Core, and it’s a five-book set that came in at over 940 pages. Whew! Writing, reviewing, editing, and publishing this set is a two-year process. I came on board with the project just as copy editing began on it about seven months ago. I worked as part of a team of four primary editors, and my share of the project involved copy editing over 400,000 words—plus proofreading, styling in Word, formatting and layout in InDesign, organizing hundreds of art elements, and more.

The books cover pediatric topics usually tested on the Boards, from allergies to oncology and neonatology to infectious disease. Working on this project daily for over half a year had me regularly self-evaluating for random diseases and disorders as I read. I’m still not a doctor, but I feel more than competent now to play one on TV, so there’s that.

I also did editing, proofreading, and formatting on a handful of companion study products, including flashcards and Q&As. Seeing this pack of products released this fall in both print and digital formats has been fun—as an editor, I always love seeing a beautiful finished product.

To see more of my recent work, check out my online portfolio.

Kelsey Mitchener, editor

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