About Me

Hello. I’m Kelsey.

I’m a freelance editor.

Editing nonfiction writing is my bread and butter—and it’s also my jam.

I love working with writers of all types of nonfiction, including indie authors, small business owners, academics, marketing copywriters, bloggers, essayists, and much more. (Sound like you?)

I think one of our longings in life is to find our people.
I hope you’ll think of me as your go-to editor.

I have a feeling we’ll get along beautifully.

As a firstborn, a Virgo, and a recovering perfectionist, I’m more or less hardwired for editing as a detail-obsessed, analytical type A.

I know—I sound really chill and fun! But let’s be honest:
You’ve been looking for someone like me.

Someone a little different from you—and maybe just a little different. Someone who complements your skill set and can strengthen your weak spots.

I believe in the power of words and the importance of the small things. I’ll bet you do, too.

I believe writing is an art and a science. Trust me to know and love the so-called rules of writing—and to also know when to carefully put them aside for the sake of style, audience, or something else.

I don’t believe in gatekeepers, which is why I chose to be my own boss (also, I like wearing pajamas to work). Rather than positioning myself as some arbitrary arbiter of good writing, I like to think I’m an ally: your ally.

My hardwiring as an editor is a win for you because I can come alongside you and your work as an expert friend—your go-to editor.

I can make your writing better and make you look better along the way—and since you’re a quick study, no doubt you’ll become a better writer in the process, too.

Nothing would make me happier. I love it when my doing what I’m best at helps you to be your best, too. Everyone wins! What are we waiting for?

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Stephanie E

“I was short on time, and I was feeling really overwhelmed. I am not a detail person at all. Having someone else look at my writing with a critical eye and focus on the details was a huge relief to me. Kelsey was so prompt and thorough. I loved how if I had a recurring question, Kelsey would explain to me how to do it, and not only change it—this allowed me to become a better writer. Kelsey also communicated really well with me throughout the process. I liked the feeling that I wasn’t alone.”
—Stephanie E.

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Let’s talk qualifications.

Why trust me with your writing?

I have over sixteen years of professional experience as an editor, and in that time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of clients and projects across the United States and around the world.

(Look over my portfolio for details.)

While freelancing, I’ve also worked as a publishing house editorial assistant, a writing consultant, a journal and magazine editor, a marketing copywriter, the assistant director of a university writing center, a medical editor, and, most recently, a web content and SEO editor.

I have a liberal arts degree in English and am a member of the International Writing Centers Association and Sigma Tau Delta, an international English honor society.

I’m serious about professional development and lifelong learning, and I’ve received significant training in editing and in writing pedagogy through continued coursework, professional organizations, research and presentations, conferences, and more.

Like you, I’m a writer. My writing is published and award-winning, and I’ve had success writing anything from product descriptions to poetry and from feature articles to fiction. These days, though, I channel my author’s eye and understanding into re-visioning and attending to others’ writing, like yours.

I also come with a special bonus feature: I have a background in layout and design, including formatting e-books, which is handy for projects involving those elements.

I live in Loveland, Colorado, with my husband, but my business is location independent. I love to read (surprise!), and I count Ctrl+Z, chocolate chip cookies, and the Oxford comma among my very favorite things. I’m a minimalist, a feminist, and a southpaw. Best of all? I’m your go-to editor.

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