About You

There you are.

You’re my favorite kind of client.

You’re a nonfiction writer (although you might not think of yourself as a writer with a capital W).

You write blog posts. Or creative nonfiction. Or product descriptions. Or academic papers. Or any number of other things.

Whether you consider your writing your baby or a means to an end, you know words are important.

You’re invested in your writing, and you know you want to continue that investment.

You’re brave, really. You aren’t afraid to do hard things—things like staring at a blank page and then turning nothing into something. Things like taking that writing and laying it open to someone else’s critique.

You’re willing to be vulnerable because you know you’re onto something good.

You want the best writing possible. Come to think of it, you just want the best, full stop.

But until now, you haven’t known where or how to get that.

Maybe you’ve gone the DIY route and tried work-arounds—automated grammar checkers, beta readers, a friend who’s a retired English teacher. Maybe you’ve even hired other editors and been disappointed in the results or the experience.

You know that this time you need something different. Someone different.

You need a go-to editor who knows her stuff and is worth her salt—someone who will do the job right, no question.

(You rang?)

You want someone who gets you: someone who you can trust to understand you, your writing, and your goals. (I think a desire to be understood—to communicate clearly—is at the heart of what you and I do.)

You want someone with a fine touch: someone who can get to the heart of your writing without tearing it apart or tearing you apart.

You don’t want to be alone.

So yes, you can do hard things—but the good news is you’ve made it to the easy part.

I’ll take it from here. Don’t worry, though—your writing will always be yours, and you’ll recognize it when it gets back to you: It will be what you wrote, in your voice, but somehow, beautifully, better.

Crystal clear. Efficient. Compelling.

Imagine Future You, just after we’ve wrapped up a project together: Somehow you’re both at ease and excited. You’re encouraged, inspired, and empowered. You’re proud of your writing and brimming with confidence.

In short, Future You is pleased as punch. My work makes you feel that way. (Ask anyone!)

How KME clients feel

This is your writing, but better. This is you, but better.

Does this sound like you and what you’re looking for? If so, we’ll get along famously. Read more about me and about you & me, then contact me.

Future You is already thanking you.

Contact me

Barb B

“You could not find a more competent, thorough, and kind professional. Kelsey gives high-level feedback, does flawless editing, and keeps to the highest level of ethics as an expert freelance editor. What sets Kelsey apart is individualized attention to project needs. Kelsey always surpasses expectations and puts her whole self into everything she does. I really value her input, experience, and expertise.”
—Barb B.