Let’s go over the pricing-related details.

Estimates are always free. For a no-obligation project estimate, fill out my contact form or email me at

Hourly rates
I charge by the hour for my nonfiction editing services. My hourly rate is $100 for each of my services. More complex services will take more time. Here are the primary services I offer, from the most basic to the most inclusive:

To come up with a total cost for your project, there are several factors we’ll consider together:

  • your choice of editing service,
  • the type of writing,
  • the quality of the writing,
  • the size of the project, and
  • the project deadline.

For reference, on average, I can copy edit about 16 pages per hour and proofread about 23 pages per hour. I can format check about 95 pages per hour. (If you’re looking at word count, a manuscript page is widely considered 250 words.) Again, more complex work will take more time.

Minimum fee
No project is too small, but I charge a minimum fee of $35 for each project—so I encourage you to send me enough to keep me busy for at least $35 worth of work.

Rush fees
I’m happy to accommodate rush projects as my schedule allows. For projects requiring a faster turnaround time, unless we negotiate otherwise, a charge equal to 20% of the total project cost is added to the final bill.

A deposit may be required for large projects before I begin work (50% of the total estimated project cost). If a deposit is required for your project, I’ll let you know this when I present you with the project estimate.

To apply a discount code to your project, mention the code when you get in touch and I’ll apply it to your invoice.

I accept payments through PayPal, a secure online payment site. I’ll simply email you an invoice once a project is completed, and edited files will be delivered upon receipt of payment.

Making a payment
Ready to pay an invoice? Let’s go to PayPal.

Now that that’s all out of the way—

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