The Whole Shebang

The Whole Shebang editing service

You want me to check all the things!
Copy so clean you could eat off it

Go big or go home! For this service I pull out all the stops. While The Fine-Toothed Comb is a comprehensive edit, The Whole Shebang takes everything a couple steps further.

This service is essentially your traditional proofreading service with some heavy fact-checking thrown in—but the file you send certainly doesn’t have to be an actual printer’s proof. However, you’ll get the most from The Whole Shebang if your file (in whatever format) is all but final when it’s sent my way.

The Whole Shebang is a good fit for writers who want all their ducks in a row before sharing their writing—for example, authors getting ready to publish an e-book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Everything in The Fine-Toothed Comb, plus:

  • complete citation checking, if applicable (Is that quote really on page 273 in that source?)
  • comprehensive fact checking—and where possible, I will track down the correct info
  • line endings, widows and orphans, and similar issues, if applicable

At the end of The Whole Shebang, you’ll be handed don’t-touch-it-again copy that’s as near-perfect as possible. (If we’re dealing with actual proofs, this is also called print-ready or camera-ready copy.)

Yes! That's what I want.

More than you need? Scale back (just a bit) to The Fine-Toothed Comb.

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Michael M

“I know Kelsey’s going to provide more than just ‘proofing’ services. She looks beyond just grammar and has helped me with content that needs sharpened or expanded. Kelsey is responsive and quick, which is necessary for my work and schedule. I appreciate that she uses tracking, where I can see the changes she suggests or the questions she asks, so I can learn in the process. Her work is a GREAT relief and help. I always feel so much better after I know she has gone through a letter, article, or publication. I know what goes out is good.”
—Michael M.