The Encourager

The Encourager editing service

You want just positive feedback for now.
A medication-free mood boost

Find red pen to be a downer? In this kindhearted service, I review your work and provide you with only positive feedback. While most of my editing services include some encouragement and insight on what’s working in your writing, with The Encourager, I go all out. I’ll zero in on things you’re doing beautifully and should keep doing. I never lie. (Then again, I don’t need to; I believe there’s something great in all writing.)

Admittedly, this isn’t really a copy editing or proofreading service, but I couldn’t resist. Sometimes it’s nice to just focus on the positives, isn’t it?

At the end of The Encourager, you’ll have robust feedback on what makes your writing great.

Yes! That's what I want.

There’s time enough later for constructive criticism. When you’re ready for that, check out The Fine-Toothed Comb or The Professional Opinion.

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Ruth J

“Kelsey, thank you for your warm and honest feedback. It was so clear, to the point, and interesting to read! Your help is wonderful, and your suggestions are so carefully and thoughtfully done. You certainly don’t have a ‘slasher’ style of editing, and I am thankful for that.”
—Ruth J.