The Professional Opinion

The Professional Opinion editing service

You want to know what I think of what you wrote.
Reader-response on steroids

The Professional Opinion includes all the attention to detail of The Fine-Toothed Comb but places a particular emphasis on your reader’s experience.

This review has elements of a manuscript critique and will give you a sense of your reader’s understanding and confusions, connection points, emotions, expectations, and more.

I’ll adopt the perspective of your ideal reader and provide an insightful, in-depth review of your writing from that standpoint.

Everything in The Fine-Toothed Comb, plus:

  • the bigger picture, looking at your piece as a whole
  • ways to improve your writing beyond what’s on the page (What’s missing?)
  • usability (Is the writing—and design, if applicable—accessible and intuitive to the reader?)
  • success in addressing target audience

By request, this review can be customized to focus on key areas of concern to you (for example, Is it organized naturally? or Is it relatable?).

At the end of The Professional Opinion, you’ll have a careful edit plus honest, objective feedback from an attentive reader.

Yes! That's what I want.

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Laura M-J

“Your critiques on my writing were so helpful to me. You were aware of things that I never would have noticed, keyed me in on things that I was communicating that I had zero intention of communicating in the first place, and really helped me figure out what to look for to establish consistency. You’re super valuable.”
—Laura M.