Recent Work | Pediatrics Core

Pediatrics Core

I recently finished a large-scale editing project that I’m particularly proud of: a pediatrics textbook set.

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Recent Work | IWU Nursing, Fall 2016


I’m popping in to share some recent editing work that’s fresh off the press.

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Recent Work | Living in the True Spirit of Christmas

Living in the True Spirit of Christmas by Stephanie Owen | Kelsey Mitchener Editing Services

Today I’m excited to share a project that I’ve been working on off and on since February and that was published earlier this week. It’s entitled Living in the True Spirit of Christmas: An Advent Devotional, and you can buy the book and the ebook on Amazon here and here, respectively.

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Recent Work | IWU Nursing, Fall 2014

I’m excited to now be able to share with you a project I wrapped up this past August: the fall 2014 issue of IWU Nursing.

Last year I began working with Indiana Wesleyan University’s School of Nursing to produce their biannual magazine; this is the second issue we’ve done together. IWU Nursing has a print circulation of 10,000, and in addition, the last issue had more than 22,000 online views. I serve as editor and project manager for this publication, which means I’m involved in research, sourcing, copywriting, design, typesetting, and of course, editing. It’s great to be able to be involved in so many stages of the publication process.

I’m so pleased with how this issue turned out. The School of Nursing is one of my favorite clients, and I’ve always enjoyed the magazine format. Click through above to read this issue—I’d love to hear what you think!

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