Happy Thanksgiving!

Things to Love | Dallas Clayton

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year at this time I was in a darker place. This year, for the first time in a very long time, I can truly say I love all of the things mentioned in Dallas Clayton’s art print, above—and for that, I’m thankful.

A few other things I’m thankful for right now:

  • new furniture (We just redecorated our home, and I’m loving it.)
  • the thirteenth Doctor (This is giving me life right now.)
  • Black Friday deals
  • fresh flowers
  • pumpkin rolls, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie…
  • rebate checks that take so long to arrive, you’ve forgotten about them (“What’s this? Free money?!”)
  • when there’s snow on Pike’s Peak

What’s on your list? Wishing you a day of delicious food, quiet moments, connection with loved ones, and whatever else fills you with happiness and gratitude. May your Thanksgiving be lovely!

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