Waldo Waldo 5K

Waldo Waldo 5K

This morning I participated in the Waldo Waldo 5K. It’s a Where’s Waldo–themed walk/run that benefits the local Waldo Canyon and other trails and open spaces.

Close to four thousand people showed up in Waldo and Wenda costumes, including babies in Waldo onesies with mini hats and glasses (adorable!). They’re aiming for the world record of 3,873 Waldos in one place at one time, and I think they may have done it this year. The costume’s included with your registration, which is awesome.


The course runs through downtown Colorado Springs. It was a chilly morning but a gorgeous fall day—so fun.


Group yoga, hula hooping, bubble machines, food trucks, and more were offered before (and some after) the race. Seeing everyone gathering in the green space doing a crazy variety of activities felt like looking out on a Where’s Waldo page come to life. I kept cracking up.


I’ve run a lot of road races over the years, but this was my first in costume. 10/10 would recommend.


I loved that the event volunteers all dressed in costume, too, including bands and other artists performing along the race route. Even the art installations downtown were decked out.


If you ever get the opportunity to take part in this 5K, I really recommend it. It was well-organized and tons of fun, and I love that it benefits some great causes. Win-win!

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2 thoughts on “Waldo Waldo 5K

  1. A fun write up! I wish I could have run it–I wish I could run at all 😞 Maybe some day. Until then, you’re my proxy!


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