Recent Work | Campus Center Dedication Materials

Campus Center dedication booklet

Last month I was asked to edit materials connected with a new building on the local college campus. The building dedication was about a week ago, and I got the chance to see my edits come to life.

The key piece I worked on was the dedication booklet, which featured the dedication program, the history of the building and its earlier incarnations, donor listings, and transcriptions of the donor-related building signage (“this space is given in honor of so-and-so through a gift from so-and-so”).

Campus Center dedication booklet, interior

One challenge of this project was that over 40 pages were designed in all-caps—it’s usually a bit harder to scan text in capital letters, so I had to be extra careful here.

Campus Center dedication booklet, interior 2

I was also involved in proofreading quite a bit of signage throughout the building, including this wall of donor names, over 100 individual plaques, and other signage displays.

donor wall signage

main entrance signage

I proofed some external signage, too.

outside signs

I even got to edit the placards and artist bios for an art exhibit on the building’s upper floor. I especially enjoyed this part. I’ve been interested in doing similar work for a museum, and this may be something I pursue in the next year.

art exhibit

It’s always fun to see something I’ve edited as a finished product, and these materials came together beautifully in this new space (shout-out to the designers and printers involved in making this happen!).

To see more of my recent work, check out my online portfolio.

Kelsey Mitchener, editor

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