Holiday Newsletter Special


Does your family, business, or organization send a card or newsletter for the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, or anything in between)?

If so, get it edited!

Get your holiday newsletter (up to 750 words) proofed for just $15.

Yep, that’s right—just $15. I’ve intentionally priced this service so that it’s an easy “yes.” Want to come off sounding your best? Um, yes. Want that for the price of a large pizza? Of course!

(If it were me, I’d splurge and spring for both—heck, you’re worth it. Mmmm… pizza and great writing: my faves.)

Let’s be honest—the holiday newsletter is all about presenting yourself in the best possible light, at least at some level.

Business is booming. What an honor to be named one of the best companies in our industry. Junior is on the honor roll, again. Our trip to Paris was fabulous.

Even if you’re not really the boasting type (it’s ok; we’ve all done it), there’s no doubt the people you’re writing to are important to you, which means what you’re writing is important. You may never write letters or send snail mail, but for whatever reason you’ve chosen to send something for the holidays.

(My guess? You want to connect and reconnect with your people. And don’t you want that to come across just right?)

You’re reaching out, in writing, to the people who are important to you, and whose opinions are important to you—maybe for one of the only times this year.

It’d be no surprise if your writing were a little rough or rusty. No pressure!

Make sure that you and your message come across the way you want them to.

It actually couldn’t be easier: email me at or fill out my contact form to get started.

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