Gift Guide | Gifts for Word Lovers, Round 2

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I had a lot of fun putting together my previous gift guide for word lovers, so I thought I’d assemble one more for this holiday season. Here are some additional picks for writers, readers, editors, and anyone else who loves the written word.

1. Card Catalog Cuff Bracelet, Book Stack Cuff Bracelet, and Henry David Thoreau Quote Bangle | Accessoreads on Etsy, $38, $38, $20
There’s lots of great literary-themed jewelry from this shop. I especially love the Thoreau quote on this bangle: “All good things are wild and free.”

2. Word Dominoes | Chronicle Books, $25

3. Card Catalog Box with Notecards | Chronicle Books on Amazon, $18

4. Pen Nib Lapel Pin | The Literary Gift Company, £4

5. Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition | University of Chicago Press on Amazon, $41
Every list needs at least one practical item, right? The online version of CMOS is also handy, but nothing beats a physical reference book. (Here’s another reference book on my wishlist this year.)

6. Borges Library Cushion Cover | The Literary Gift Company, £15
Love Jorge Luis Borges.

7. Old Books Candle | Frostbeard on Etsy, $18
This candle uses a weird but somehow perfect blend of timber, white tea, newsprint, and must scents to create that unique “old books” smell—so good. Also check out their Oxford Library (oakmoss, amber, sandalwood, tobacco, and leather) and Book Cellar (“dirt,” “basement,” and vanilla bean) candles.

8. Library Due Date Scarf | Cyberoptix on Etsy, $44

9. BookBook Laptop Case | Twelve South on Amazon, $67
It’s a splurge, but this beautiful leather case looks and feels just like a hardcover book. (I’ve seen it in person!)

What other ideas have you come across online? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to check out your recommendations!

Kelsey Mitchener, editor

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