Celebrating Four Years

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Happy birthday to me! It’s my freelance business’s fourth birthday, though I’ve been in editing for going on 13 years now. Continue reading


Celebrating Three Years

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It’s here again: my editing business’s birthday!

To celebrate three years of Kelsey Mitchener Editing, I’d like to share a small present with you: Continue reading

Celebrating Two Years

birthday cake photo by Brian Kennedy

It’s my editing business’s birthday!

Last year I celebrated one year of being in business by starting this blog. I’m a haphazard blog poster (I’ve posted just 26 times in a year), but I’ve had over a thousand visitors in the past year, and I get a kick out of seeing all the different countries you guys hail from. My numbers are really modest by any measure, but I love the connections I’ve made through this space.

Other highlights from the past year: since last September I’ve more than doubled my annual editing income (yay!). This year I’ve edited a wide variety of documents—magazines, newsletters, book proposals, grant proposals, survey briefs, devotionals, a textbook, and more. I’ve designed a handful of magazine issues, a book cover, and an e-book. I’ve taken an editing course, attended a writing conference and a literature conference, and landed a new job working in a university writing center.

I have a bad habit of always being focused on to-do lists, so it’s nice sometimes to pause and look back at what’s been done. It’s been a good year of business. 🙂 Here’s to more great years of editing!

Kelsey Mitchener, editor

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photo by Brian Kennedy