Celebrating Four Years

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Happy birthday to me! It’s my freelance business’s fourth birthday, though I’ve been in editing for going on 13 years now. Continue reading


One Year in Colorado

Welcome to Colorado

A year ago today was moving day! It’s hard to believe it’s already our one-year anniversary of living in Colorado.

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2014 Annual Report

2014 activities, per Warby Parker annual report

Is it too late to be sharing 2014 recaps? Sorry, not sorry.

I’ve been having a love affair lately with Warby Parker, and earlier this week they released their annual report, which made me fall in love just a little bit more. Their review comes with the option to make your own custom annual report, based oh-so-loosely on your answers to nine random questions. I got a kick out of mine, and I had to laugh at how spot-on the above chart was for me. Snuggling? Ruminating? Sounds about right. And yes, I love all kinds of crimson. Must be all the red pens lying around.

favorite colors, per Warby Parker annual report

Check out my full report if you like, and have fun making your own. Link your results in the comments!

images via Warby Parker

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