Recent Work: Travel for STOICs

I’m excited to share the release of a recent editing project, Travel for STOICs. Huge congratulations to “Eva” (the author’s pseudonym for this project) on publication!

“STOIC” is the author’s acronym for the “solo traveler who is obsessive, introverted, and compulsive.”

Part memoir, part travel guide, Travel for STOICs takes the reader to some of the many far-flung places the author has traveled and through some of the cringe-worthy situations she’s found herself in, especially as an introverted, obsessive-compulsive single traveler.

Think filthy, confined spaces; abusive cab drivers; a bad (drug) trip in South America; and even a kidnapping at gunpoint—plus all of the more everyday nightmares inherent in travel but antithetical to the person who likes being in control, like the complete loss of routine or the inability to communicate in your first language.

The author applies tenets of classical Stoicism throughout the book as a way for her and other anxious individuals to reframe and rediscover both travel and life in general: ideas like being more open-minded, being less fearful, and being more present. Pretty cool, and great goals for anyone, traveler or not and anxious or not.

The author and I connected via my LinkedIn ProFinder, which has been a good source for me for semi-local editing projects (this client is from New Mexico).

When I read the ProFinder project proposal, it really resonated with me. I’m super introverted (Emily Dickinson is my spirit animal), and I have some obsessive tendencies (Hello, my name is Kelsey, and I obsess over the little things for a living). So I was personally intrigued by the content and found it really interesting to not only edit but to read.

(This is where I clarify that being an editor is not the same as having OCD, which is a serious, debilitating condition—but I know you know that.)

For this project, the author requested my most comprehensive editing service, The Whole Shebang. This meant that I provided a complete proofread, including full fact-checking (which resulted in my researching some pretty random facts). I also cleaned up and formatted endnotes and edited the cover copy. For this project I was editing with the Chicago Manual of Style, my fave style guide, and editing in Microsoft Word, my favorite editing program, so that was great—plus the author was a dream to work with, which is a huge bonus.

Sound like a book you’d enjoy, too? You can buy Travel for STOICs on the publisher’s site. Be sure to let me know what you think, and thanks for taking an interest in my clients’ work (and in mine as well!).

To see more of my recent work, check out my online portfolio.

Kelsey Mitchener, freelance editor in Colorado Springs

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