I Feel You

i-feel-youHere’s my spin on the #safetypin.

I love words, but as an empath and an introvert, sometimes I feel things so deeply, words fail me. I’ve felt that way a lot lately. I’m wearing this simple heart pin every day now as a small way of putting words to how I feel:

I see you. I stand with you. I feel you.

As a woman, I honestly feel devalued, betrayed, and threatened by the cultural climate we’re currently in. I feel angry and afraid. If you feel this way, too, whatever your background, then as a human, I want you to know I don’t just feel for you, I feel with you. You’re not the only one. We’re not alone.

I want this pin to be a signal to others that I want to be an ally and a safe place. And I want it to be a daily reminder to myself that love is something to always work at.

I’m well-aware that pinning something to my shirt won’t change the world, but maybe it will start a conversation. Because words are important, and I want to listen. I think it’s always important to do what you can to make a difference, no matter how insignificant it seems. How can doing nothing be better than doing something—even something tiny? In this case, I’m convinced that saying something is far better than staying silent. How else can we let each other know we’re not alone?

Most importantly, I hope that this little pin reminds me to keep after the other, more meaningful things I’m trying to do to learn more, to reach out, to be open, to help and love others, and to always be curious, not judgmental.


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