Holiday Haul at Half Price Books

Globish, The Story of English, APA Manual
Merry (early) Christmas to me!

Tonight I found the reference book section at Half Price Books… for some reason I’ve never meandered over to that section before. I was limited by the cash in my wallet, but I took home three beautiful books: Globish: How the English Language Became the World’s Language, by Robert McCrum; The Story of English, by McCrum, William Cran, and Robert MacNeil; and the APA Publication Manual. Yes, please.

I first came across The Story of English in high school; we watched the nine-hour PBS documentary in our Etymology class, and I loved it. Haha! Now I’m excited to read the book and what appears to be a companion book of sorts in Globish. Have you read either of these? I’m also happy to have a hard copy of the APA Manual to dog-ear. Yay for new books and great Christmas break reading!

Kelsey Mitchener, editor


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