Yoga for Editors

yoga photo via Radiance Power Yoga

November is here, and the new month seems to have ushered in a new season as well.

The stores, of course, have already rolled out their Christmas offerings, and I’ll admit to purchasing a holiday song online yesterday. It even snowed here on Friday (Halloween); Nathan and I drove around in the dark in the flurries with two bags of mini candy bars between us, listening to a Halloween special on the car radio. This whole sense of shifting seasons was cemented for me this morning, when we went through the ritualistic process of setting back all our clocks for Daylight Savings.

A new month, a new season, a new start. On the whole, I’m easing away from New Year’s resolutions and other goals that are centered around a certain start date, and instead I’m trying to fold in new practices to my day-to-day living. Still, the sense of change in the air has been a good reminder to tackle something that’s been lingering on my to-do list.

One of my goals for some time has been to start incorporating yoga into my week—the healthy mix of mindfulness and stretching is just what I need.

The other day I came across Marianne Elliot’s Yoga for Bloggers, which has been great for getting started. I love these basic stretches, which are great for editors, too (and for anyone who spends substantial time in front of a computer!).

So today I’m spending my “extra” hour, in part, practicing some simple yoga. Care to join me?

image via Radiance Power Yoga

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